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28 Days

28Days in February

This is an annual event in which artists now worldwide take part in a Facebook event hosted by two Glasgow artists Jane Gardiner and Lynn Howarth. The intention is for each artist to produce a new item of work each day for 28 days. The initial running of this in 2012 culminated in an exhibition held on the 29th day.


My theme for February 2018 was a continuation of looking at identity occasionally venturing  into the specific or the complete opposite; to the point of prejudiced visualisation. One other underlying theme was to work quickly, capturing the essence of the subject. February 2018 was the greatest learning experience of all and there is still much more to be discovered, uncovered or defined.

28 Days in February - Day 23 Painting
28 Days in February Day 25 Painting
28 Days in February Day 26 Painting
2015 Stephen Powell_Self Portrait sketch
28 Days in February - Day 27 Painting
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