Born in Derbyshire in 1956, Stephen Powell studied to become an architect at Kingston Polytechnic situated within the campus of Kingston School of Art (Sept 1974 to July 1980). The significance of this place of learning had a lifelong effect. During this period strong ties across the disciplines of the art school developed, forming an increasing affiliation towards all of the arts and the creative bond that holds them together. His education in architecture always maintained a strong connection between studio practice and academic research. History of architecture, contextual studies and contemporary theory was very strong. Qualifying in 1980, he then practised in London, Leeds and Scotland but throughout his life painted with a passion; eventually leading to completion of his BA (Hons) Painting Degree completed in 2017. The practice of painting has been the biggest motivator within his personal life for the most recent years.


Painting represents his true creative spirit.

Stephen has embraced contemporary painting with an integration of abstraction and narrative  so as to explore wider concepts which are either apparent or implied. Whilst painting is his main discipline, Stephen has also maintained awareness that there are times when it is necessary to break away from two-dimensional representation into sculpture, installation and the film image. This enables a full investigation into ideas and questions being explored by the artist.