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Born in Derbyshire in 1956, Stephen Powell studied architecture at Kingston Polytechnic and within the campus of Kingston School of Art achieved BA (Hons) Architecture and Post-Graduate Diploma between September 1974 and July 1980 and then RIBA Part III in 1982. Despite working on many prestigious projects throughout his career he never achieved satisfaction within the field of architecture and was always drawn towards the Fine Arts. This mainly down to that original seat of learning within the art school environment which continually pushed the boundaries of artistic endeavour. This created a void in Stephen's life because he was always drawn towards the wider arts and with this in mind finally achieved a  BA (hons) Painting degree in 2017. 


His education in architecture always maintained a strong connection between studio practice and academic research and in which history of art, architecture, sculpture, contextual studies and contemporary theory all featured strongly. 


Painting represents his true creative spirit but his practice involves many different aspects of media also involving sculpture and installation. Stephen has embraced contemporary art with an integration of abstraction and narrative exploring wider concepts which are either apparent or implied. 

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