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Craven Arts at 7a Otley Street, Skipton

My art practice most recently has been based in the centre of Skipton and has concerned itself with human activity. It is witness to something occurring within the hustle and bustle of life and seeking to define the aura we each carry and project onto each other.


The Curious Incident…….

Slow perambulating inquiry where clues are witnessed and for which the viewer, observer or other participants may bring about conclusions. This is written at the very outset and any conceptual ideas or events, as yet, are undefined. There will be many versions to be considered from the many images, associations and visual references which will occur and from this point, without a definable ending. Painting is very tangible, and, in this sense, there are always risks that literal questions posed now will not allow this project to flourish; to the viewer, becoming too certain at this stage will not pose enough challenge or allow sufficient questioning from the observer. The strategy is clear, or that there is no fixed slant, for the whole period, daily or even hourly. The act of making visual images has been to observe the activity within the environs of Otley Street for the past three months. 

Walking with Ali

The urban space has become an anonymous hiding place where roles are varied but to an observer they can become any form of invention; narratives can be imagined or invented. For an artist observing such activity, the apparatus to convey ideas can be through visual reference and so act to spark further ideas, to others, or towards further development and continuation of the enquiry.

Within the urban environment, and in this case within the local environs of 7a Otley Street, the work has aimed to give a full account of what has and is taking place.


The Conversation
The Reunion - Painting on Board
The Union - Painting on board
The Beach - Painting on board
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